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Now, daughter who is under attack,

you slash yourself in grief;

a siege is set against us!

They are striking the judgeg of Israel

on the cheek with a rod.

Bethlehem Ephrathah,h

you are small among the clans of Judah;

one will come from youi

to be ruler over Israel for me.j

His originB is from antiquity,k

from ancient times.

Therefore, Israel will be abandonedl until the time

when she who is in laborm has given birth;

then the rest of the ruler’s brothersn will return

to the people of Israel.o

He will stand and shepherd themp

in the strength of the Lord,

in the majestic name of the Lord his God.

They will live securely,

for then his greatness will extend

to the ends of the earth.q

He will be their peace.r

When Assyria invades our land,s

when it marches against our fortresses,

we will raise against it seven shepherds,

even eight leaders of men.

They will shepherdt the land of Assyria with the sword,

the land of Nimrodu with a drawn blade.C

So he will rescue usv from Assyria

when it invades our land,

when it marches against our territory.


Then the remnant of Jacobw

will be among many peoples

like dew from the Lord,x

like showers on the grass,y

which do not wait for anyone

or linger for mankind.

Then the remnant of Jacob

will be among the nations, among many peoples,

like a lion among animals of the forest,z

like a young lion among flocks of sheep,

which tramplesaa and tearsab as it passes through,

and there is no one to rescue them.ac

Your hand will be lifted up against your adversaries,ad

and all your enemies will be destroyed.

10 In that day—

this is the Lord’s declaration—

I will remove your horses from youae

and wreck your chariots.

11 I will remove the cities of your landaf

and tear down all your fortresses.ag

12 I will remove sorceries from your hands,ah

and you will not have any more fortune-tellers.

13 I will remove your carved imagesai

and sacred pillars from you

so that you will no longer worship

the work of your hands.

14 I will pull up the Asherah polesaj from among youak

and demolish your cities.D

15 I will take vengeance in anger and wrathal

against the nations that have not obeyed me.


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The Christian Standard Bible (CSB) is a highly trustworthy, faithful translation that is proven to be the optimal blend of accuracy and readability. It’s as literal to the original as possible without sacrificing clarity. The CSB is poised to become the translation that pastors rely on and Bible readers turn to again and again to read and to share with others.

The CSB is an original translation: more than 100 scholars from 17 denominations translated directly from the best available Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic source texts into English. Its source texts are the standard used by scholars and seminaries today.

The CSB is trustworthy: the conservative, evangelical scholars of the CSB affirm the authority of Scripture as the inerrant Word of God and seek the highest level of faithfulness to the original and accuracy in their translation. These scholars and LifeWay, the non-profit ministry that stewards the CSB, also champion the Bible against cultural trends that would compromise its truths.

The CSB is clear: it is as literal a translation of the ancient source texts as possible, but, in the many places throughout Scripture where a word-for-word rendering might obscure the meaning for a modern audience, it uses a more dynamic translation. In all cases, the intent is to convey the original meaning of God’s Word as faithfully and as clearly as possible.


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